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I am very new to this and just getting started. Thank you for taking the time to stop by. I am a husband and father to the most perfect and beautiful women in the world. My wife and daughter mean the world to me! I started fixing, painting, refurbing furniture as a hobby and it has continued into something great. Enjoy the blog and thanks again for stopping by! -Nick

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

First Post! Painted Dresser

I purchased this dresser off Craigslist with the intent to just paint it white. I got carried away with my spray gun and one thing led to another. I ended up with something the wife and I really liked.

Someone else liked it more than we did and it sold within 24 hours! Here is a pic of the finished product. I forgot the before shots this time!


  1. ok! i saw the thumbnail at the party and was thinking, "hey, i know that dresser..." so glad to see you started a blog!!! yay! i plan to write about the owls, etc this week (thurs or friday) so i will link your blog to the post. welcome! :)

  2. Hello and welcome to blogland;)
    This dresser looks great.
    Please come and visit my blog too...


    Lovely greetings...

    PS: I´m your latest follower.;)

  3. Cassie sent me over! Welcome to blogland! I love the dresser!

  4. So sweet of you to send Cassie those owls, they are very cute. Love the dressers, can't wait to see more! Welcome!!

  5. The dresser looks great! Looking foward to following you.

  6. Came over via Cassie's blog - welcome! Isn't this fun?! Love the dressers :)

  7. so i guess i should tell you that i came from cassie too?!lol! great job on this one = )