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I am very new to this and just getting started. Thank you for taking the time to stop by. I am a husband and father to the most perfect and beautiful women in the world. My wife and daughter mean the world to me! I started fixing, painting, refurbing furniture as a hobby and it has continued into something great. Enjoy the blog and thanks again for stopping by! -Nick

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Painted Buffet

I picked this antique buffet up at auction a while back. I always have these with the mirrored back. It has great lines and details. I had to look past the awful hardware and puke green paint. Here is the before:

Try and look away from all the my junk and find the buffet. The garage is my area. I actually cleaned up a little this week. As you can see my 77 Bronco gets parking priority in our garage!

After sanding I decided to go with a classic look. I painted it a satin white and let some of the before green peek through. I lightly distressed this piece and then waxed. I replaced and added all new hardware. All from hobby lobby. I painted the inside of the middle compartment a mint green. I have started waxing all the drawers and slides and have found out it helps alot. Smooth opening! Here is the after. So far no luck selling, but hopefully she will find a new home soon!

TGIF!! Have a  safe and happy weekend!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Thrift Store Find

I was cruising through one of the local thrift stores here in Raleigh and come across this piece. Once I got past the hideous colors I saw a solid wood, good bones, inside already painted piece. The inside already painted was a big deal for me for some reason! I did a light sand and went to town with my Old White chalk paint. It covered really well. Here is the before:

Sorry about the pic, not sure what happened. It had a terrible late 70's paint job but it was easy to get rid of. Here it is after two coats and good waxing and distressing later.
I had to paint the inside of the one drawer. I did everything I could to get rid of the potpouri smell. I like the flat black in the drawers. What would you try and sell this for? I am 99% selling everything on craigslist. I paid a little more for this one because the thrift store this one was at rescues dogs and pays for shelters. I am glad to help them out!

Thanks everybody and have a good week!