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I am very new to this and just getting started. Thank you for taking the time to stop by. I am a husband and father to the most perfect and beautiful women in the world. My wife and daughter mean the world to me! I started fixing, painting, refurbing furniture as a hobby and it has continued into something great. Enjoy the blog and thanks again for stopping by! -Nick

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Free Dresser

I picked this 1950's waterfall dresser off Craigslist free section last week. It was functionally sound and in pretty good condition. I had to repair some veneer. I used a combo of wood filler and spackle. Here is a bad before picture :

After some prep I gave it a light sand. I have become a big fan of the rustoleum painter's touch spray primer. It covers really well and is fast. I used my Graco sprayer and sprayed the dresser with Sherwin Williams "greek villa". I let the paint cure a couple of days and then sprayed it with satin polycrylic. I used the original hardware. My wife and I thought it was funky enough to be used again! Sorry, no staging for this one yet!

Let me know, what do you think? What would something like this sell for in your neck of the woods?

Happy Memorial Day! Thank you everyone who serves and has served for our country!


  1. i like the nice clean lines and the awesome hardware of waterfall dressers. i think they blend well with modern decor. pieces like that go for maybe 140-160 here i would say only because they seem to be easier to come by.

  2. I have the vanity, with the mirror!! Same handles!
    I painted mine white and have been staring at it for weeks....wondering if I should shabby it up, darken the lines.....

    Yes they sell here!!! Colorado!

  3. I was going high on my price since I have the mirror too....$200