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I am very new to this and just getting started. Thank you for taking the time to stop by. I am a husband and father to the most perfect and beautiful women in the world. My wife and daughter mean the world to me! I started fixing, painting, refurbing furniture as a hobby and it has continued into something great. Enjoy the blog and thanks again for stopping by! -Nick

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Finally some updates!

Finally I have an update! It has been a long time. I have no before pics because I am here at work. Both pieces were your typical run of the mill stuff though. I lightly sanded down both pieces and then primed and painted. The first was a dark cream with red highlights french provincial chest. It was UGLY and had a smell. I sanded and sanded then wiped everything down with Murphy's oil soap. I had to lay down 2 coats of primer. The paint was mistint Behr paint. I painted the hardware in a spray aqua! This one actually had a manufacture date of Sept. 1955!

This chest has found a new home in a little girls room here in Raleigh.

This piece was one I did for my sister. She liked one of the dresser's I had previously done so I recreated it for her. I have had tons of interest in the pieces I have painted this mistint blue/gray color from Home Depot. I am going to have to get them to do a color match. It's Behr premium exterior, which this is about $38 a gallon, is harsh but not as bad as the chalk paint! :) I stainded the top in Minwax Provincial and used a satin polyurethane. The outside was glazed over with classic black stain. She liked the large red pumpkin knobs so we went with it. I really liked how it turned out. Sorry for the dark pic, but its what I have to work with here @ work.

Have a good rest to your week! Thanks



  1. i am in LOOOOOOVE with the second dresser- that color is so moody and rich- love love love it!

  2. Love your dressers...you did a really great job on both...I'm a new follower!

  3. WOW! What a transformation. Oh you give me hope that I can do this myself one day!!!! Really, WOW. I'm bookmarking so I can remember this!!

    I love transformations! I just turned my secretary into a bar area in my dining room. I really hope you'll stop by and check it out: http://niagaranovice.blogspot.com/2011/08/picture-is-worth.html

    See you soon, I hope!

  4. This is a gorgeous piece! Question: you said the dresser for your sister was glazed with "classic black stain..." HELP! My glazes and waxes end up making my upcycled pieces look DIRTY...yuck...please tell me more...teach me!!! LOVE the look of this piece...bet your sister was tickled pink!!