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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Try at Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Well finally broke down and bought some chalk paint. I purchased a can of paris gray and a can of old white. The paint is good paint, covers really well, etc. I am goin to give an honest opinion on the paint. The price of the paint is a big negative for me. I can get 5-6 gallons of mistint paint for what 1 quart costs me of this. I have become lazy and really like my sprayer and the finish I get from it. Painting an entire piece with a brush takes forever!!  I am glad  I went ahead and tried it though. Here is my first piece:

Once again no before pics. Painted all hardware oil rubbed bronze. I do like how you can highlight with the chalk paint. Here are a couple more pics:

I gave it 2 thin coats of wax. Wax changed the color a bit for me for the better. The top is stained in dark walnut. Not bad for a piece from Goodwill!!

Overall the chalk paint is good but not cost effective for me. Its cool but I think I am a mistint type of guy :) !

Everyone be safe! East coast earthquakes and hurricanes this week!!



  1. It is beautiful, but I'm with you. The price of ASCP is way over the top. I like mixing up my own w/ mistints too.

  2. i know what you mean- the price is ridiculous and it's not like the greatest thing since sliced bread. i had great luck with milk paint, too. what i like about the chalk paint is the laviness factor... i can just slap it right on! but i don't always like how it feels or looks compared to other paints.
    your dresser looks beautiful- i will say the gray is my absolute favorite when it comes to the chalk paint.

  3. It turned out beautiful!! I love the white highlights you added, such charm! I still haven't bought the chalk paint and I'm not even sure if I will! I hear both ways, that's it's amazing and then I hear that it's just ok. I'm happy with what I've been using- a brush and Ben Moore paint although I would LOVE (need) to get a sprayer!!

  4. yea i have been holding off on the chalk paint bc of the price. But I am a lazy girl, actually am ordering some this week. might as well try it I suppose.
    did you use the wax that came with it or your own? I wasn't sure from your post. I was wondering if its absolutely necessary to order both the clear and dark wax-- seems a bit much. Esp since I use dark stains a lot on pieces if the color is too much to tone it down.
    Anyways, it looks awesome! I'm a new follower.


  5. Just love this chest of drawers!!! You did a fab job on it...Julie

  6. this looks wonderful! great job.

  7. Sandi @ Making It Homey said... I agree about the cost, after shipping mine cost fifty dollars for one quart, yikes! Would you tell me what kind of sprayer you like the best? Thanks