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I am very new to this and just getting started. Thank you for taking the time to stop by. I am a husband and father to the most perfect and beautiful women in the world. My wife and daughter mean the world to me! I started fixing, painting, refurbing furniture as a hobby and it has continued into something great. Enjoy the blog and thanks again for stopping by! -Nick

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Once again a long drought in between posts. The months of January and February flew by. The weather in Raleigh has been very rainy and overall suck worthy lately. I have been able to churn out a couple of pieces. I actually have one before pic this time. This is a buffet I picked up off craigslist. I took my mother in law on this excursion. This was the place you wish you had never gone to but really needed that piece of furniture. I am not sure if she was a crazy cat lady but wow this lady was crazy. I got the "look" from the mother in law and knew it was time to go. That feeling of I should have kept driving was there from the start, but anyway it was worth the risk. Here is the before!

Very worn dark looking buffet. The veneer on top was coming off and the lady had started removing the contact paper on the front only it was not contact paper but the actual veneer! This piece had many details that were covered up by the dark color. Original hardware was awesome. I painted it to add some pop! Here is the new buffet!

I painted it with homemade chalk paint and used Miss Mustard Seeds wax on it. I removed all the top veneer and underlayment. The top has so much character now! The pic does it no justice! Once again thanks to Ada, Mom in Law for helping with the pickup of this beast and risking your life in the process! :)

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